About the Creations:

One of a Kind

Even though these art pieces may be made from a common stone type, each has its individual aspects due to color, tint, inclusions, or grain. Each and every carving is also made individually by hand.  Thus each item that comes from Art in Stones is unique.  No one item will be exactly the same as another due to the stones individual uniqueness and the manual carving process.  These items are not massed produced using power tools, dies or grinders.  Instead to ensure a unique piece of art from the raw stone it is cut with hand tools to the overall rough dimension and size and then continually worked with hand scrapers, rasps, and files to create the one of a kind art that looks and feels like no other piece. The item is then sanded by hand at least three times, first using a 200 grit sandpaper, then wet sanding with a 600 to 800 grit sandpaper, and then a final polish wet sanding with a 2000 grit sandpaper.  Final polishing includes heating the stone and coating it with melted beeswax or rubbing with olive oil.  This ensure a true natural hand made product from beginning to end. 

Yes, this is a longer process than if I was to use power tools, power sanders, etc., but that is not the reason I make this art.  My intent is not to produce general mass consumer type products.  I want to provide individually crafted artistic pieces, made by the simple process of using hand tools, providing high quality one of a kind art pieces that people can enjoy, show with pride, and pass on through generations.  Simple, pure, artistic and unique!  These creations are made with pride and passion, and that feeling carries through to you the owner in each piece purchased.

About the Artist

Robert originates from Saskatchewan, and moved out to Mission, British Columbia in 1998 where he currently resides and creates his hand carved stone artwork.  Robert has been involved in business for most of his career, with his main education background being in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Business Management.  Robert has always dabbled in art, whether it be through painting or sculpture, having the natural ability to create.  For the past 6 years, he has focused his efforts on his stone carving and working to bring his pride and passion for his creations to the public. 

Personally he has always been an adventurous artist but found a strong passion connected to stone and ancient stone art.  Growing up in Southern Saskatchewan, he remembers hiking through the rural grasslands with his father, exploring the history through various artifacts found in stone including those man-made and those natural within fossils or rock formations.  Robert also carries a strong interest in ancient civilizations, and the stone carvings, stone art, and stone structures that were created by hand around the world by the various civilizations.  Wonderfully crafted pieces, made with the simplest of tools, which still survive and are appreciated today.   He is driven to replicate that simple hand crafted process using only basic tools, to create a “one of a kind” art piece on a stone canvas that will last through time.  Each hand crafted stone piece, carrying its own uniqueness through its design, stone characteristics, and artistic creation. Aside from his very detailed stone sculptures, Robert also strives to bring art into common but creative everyday uses, by carving unique stone items that can be used within the home or for personal use as well.  Whether a piece of stone jewelry, home décor bowl or a sculpture, each artistic creation is made with pride and passion, which he hopes gets passed on to the eventual owner.  Simple, pure, artistic and unique stone creations!

RS Arts  ​Hand Carved Stone Art Creations