RS Arts  ​Hand Carved Stone Art Creations  

Caring for Your Art Piece:

Maintenance and care of your stone art piece is easy.  Handling the stone is perfectly fine as oils from skin contact will just aid in its shine.  Other than normal contact, you can also ensure a shine on the stone simply by rubbing it with olive oil whenever the stone gets dull.  Fine scratches can be polished out with olive oil, or if deeper will require sanding with fine grit sandpaper (2000 grit for polishing).  I suggest sanding the stone while you hold it under running water.  After sanding, let the stone dry and then polish with olive oil several times. 

Although this piece is made from stone, it should be used and handled with care as it can still be damaged or broken like any other type of pottery, crystal, jewelry or art piece.  After all, it is a piece of carved art and not just a stone. Please contact me if you have any questions on your hand carved stone art piece.