Custom Requests

Click to view my gallery of special custom request creations that I have carved for customers.


Click to view my gallery of personal fashion creations including hand carved stone bracelets/bangles, pendants, etc.

Stone Sculpture

Click to view my special gallery of my hand carved stone sculptures.


Click to view my gallery of specialty creations including hand carved soapstone Tangram puzzles, Learning Stones for early child education, Ceremonial Cups/Goblets, etc.

Restoration Service

I admire all stone carvings and the effort that the artist put into their creation.  Unfortunately these carvings sometimes require some special attention to restore due to damage or wear.  Click to view some of my work in this area.

One of a kind, hand carved stone art creations

RS Arts  ​Hand Carved Stone Art Creations  

Most gallery items can be purchased online at:

Home Decor

Click to view my gallery of home decor creations including hand carved stone bowls, dishes, spoon rests, candle holders, trays,coasters, etc.  Unique soapstone carving.