> What is required for maintenance or care on these stone carvings?     Most of these creations are finished with a natural product such as melted beeswax or olive oil.  To aid in the shine of your stone carved item, you can rub it with a clean cloth and a small amount of olive oil.  This will give it a nice wet shine, and cover any fine scratches.  Handling the stone is fine, as oils from your skin will also aid in its shine.

> Soapstone is typically a softer stone, will it scratch? Yes, soapstone is considered a soft stone.  I use this stone, as I typically focus on carving by hand with simple hand tools, which soapstone accommodates very well.  It can scratch, particularly when scrapped with metal such as rings or steel utensils in the case of bowls, etc.  For home décor items such as a bowl, you should use wooden utensils if you plan on actually using it instead of just having it for a formal display.  Keep in mind that I typically finish these products with either a melted beeswax or olive oil, and not a lacquer or paint coating.  This is because I want to keep the product natural from start to finish.  If you want to coat with something to make it more resistant to scratches, you can use a product such as Krylon Crystal Clear Glaze spray.  Keep in mind that minor scratches in soapstone can typically be addressed by rubbing the item with olive oil and a soft cloth.  Deeper scratches can be sanded out with 2000 grit sandpaper.

> For a sold item, can I get another one similar to it?  From a design perspective, yes, however I cannot guarantee the exact stone color replication of any creation.  Brazilian soapstone can vary widely in color.  When I purchase the raw stone the color is gray, and I can usually only gauge the tone of the stone, but not what the final color with inclusions will be.  These color variations is what makes the stone so unique.  So I can assure you a tone (either brown, green, etc.) but not an exact replication of the same color.  If you like something you see, please contact me and I will confirm what can be made, cost, etc.

> I would like to have you carve a special item for me, what is required?  If you see something in my gallery that you like but is already sold or if you want something new created, please contact me and I will be in touch to work through the details.  Aside from understanding what you are looking for, I would need to understand what stone and tone color you would want, along with size, quantity, etc..  Once this detail is worked out, I normally provide a formal quotation.  If you decide to proceed, I normally would require a 20% down payment on the purchase (minimum $25.00) with the remainder being due prior to shipment.  I usually provide pictures of the final product, prior to shipment to ensure it meets with your expectations.  For larger commissioned sculptures, payment installments may be arranged depending upon the total art sculpture value.

> How do I determine sizing for a bracelet/bangle? You can view detailed information on this by looking at the bottom of my "Fashion" web page below the listing of bracelets.  Custom sizes can be created.  Please contact me for confirmation, stone availability and cost.  For custom designs, I can provide various designs, widths and even provide with carved emblems or silhouettes (i.e. music notes, initials, etc.) on the bracelet making them truly "one of a kind items". 

> For your home décor creations such as your spoon rests or coasters, are they resistant to discoloration caused by food, drink (wine) or heat?  Yes, soapstone is well known for its resistance to high heat, acids and alkalis.  Soapstone has been used in laboratories for sinks and counters due to its resistance, and even in fireplaces for its heat resistant characteristics.  Soapstone is said to also have naturally anti-bacterial qualities.

> I have a stone sculpture that I purchased many years ago from somewhere else and it was accidentally damaged.  Do you repair stone sculptures?  Yes I do offer repair and restoration services for stone sculptures of any size or stone type.  Contact me and we can work through any details.

> Is this stone breakable if dropped?  Although these creations are made from stone (typically Brazilian Soapstone), they should be used and handled with care as they can be damaged or broken like any other type of pottery, jewelry, crystal or art piece.  After all, it is a piece of hand carved art and not just a stone.

> Do you accept custom orders for commercial retail or corporate gift requirements?  Yes, I am open to such considerations.  Please contact me to work through the details.  As all my items are created by hand by myself, time estimates to produce may vary depending upon requirement and quantity.  Custom requests should be ordered well in advance.  I have provided items on several occasions, for corporate Christmas gifts for clients.  This is quite unique, and support of the artisan community is very appreciative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some general information to answer some frequently asked questions, both about the stone and stone creations.  If these do not provide you with the particular information you require, please contact me directly via email.

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