Stone Sculpture Repair & Restoration Services

No one ever likes to have damage on the original works of art that they have purchased, but sometimes wear and tear happens.  I offer stone carving reparation services to bring your damaged art pieces as close to their original condition as possible.  No repair is too big or small, whether a few scratches or heavy damage, whether a private collection piece or a commercial commissioned item.  Please contact me via my email with more information for an estimate.

Above pictures show some damage that a customer had on some "Lyndon Tootoosis" carvings which she had in her collection, and was wanting to have them renewed for display.  I was happy to assist in this restoration to this original wonderful carving by an extremely talented artist.

* If you are interested in contacting Lyndon Tootoosis to see more of his beautiful and creative sculptures, please send me a contact request, or you can contact Lyndon directly at:

Lyndon is a wonderful and talented artist, and I highly recommend his work to any art collector.

RS Arts  ​Hand Carved Stone Art Creations  

Restoration completed to these original works of art designed and created by Lyndon Tootoosis.  Extremely happy that these wonderful sculptures were restored so they could be displayed with pride by the owner, giving the recognition to the original artist for the public to see again.