Stone Fire

Brazilian Soapstone

Mayan Scorpion

Brazilian Soapstone

List $1995 CAD


Brazilian Soapstone


Brazilian Soapstone with Wonderstone Base

Shooting Star

Brazilian Soapstone with African Wonderstone Base

​List $185.00 CAD

Take a Bow

Brazilian Soapstone with African Wonderstone Base

​List $185.00 CAD

Toltec Warrior

Italian Soapstone

Stone Bowl

Black Chlorite 26" Stone Bowl w/ Scale Pattern

Twisted Pair

Italian Soapstone on Granite Base

Angel Fish

Brazilian Soapstone on African Wonderstone  Base

List $765 CAD

Egyptian God Horus

African Wonderstone

List $225 CAD

Mayan Eagle Head

Granite on Shale Base

List $1125 CAD

RS Arts  ​Hand Carved Stone Art Creations  

Egyptian Pharaoh Head

Brazilian Soapstone

List $325 CAD

​​​As you will see from the below pictures, I pride myself and my work on the high level of detail that I put into many of my stone carvings.  Unlike most soapstone carvings, I like to put in the extra detail and associated work to make these carvings really unique.  All of the soapstone carvings shown were carved using only basic hand tools by myself (i.e. hand saws, files, scrapers, sandpaper, etc.).  I do this as my attempt to replicate the masterful stone carving techniques used by ancient civilizations around the world, for creations which are still admired today.  I also polish my carvings to a higher level than most, providing a wet sanding down to 2000 grit.  Carvings are typically finished with melted beeswax or olive oil.

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